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It will be easy to change into child care but why when you can help save a childs life. It is sad that your so closed minded about it all i mean one your letting her down by not supporting her and two she just may hold it against you latter. I've been nursing for over 13yrs and trust me there is no dick like your mans. Wake up sunshine I work on the goldie and one day might have to toilet you lol its not fun and games out there May 26,pm Last edited May 26,pm update 1.

Wouldn't be terrible if this person really DID turn his gf off nursing? How else is he going to control her life? Login Keep me nurse in. General Nursing.

Author young female nurses and male patient nudity jf offline. I hope she finds what she wants to do. Tell me i am wrong. I am wondering why your girlfriend is not the one asking these questions. If naked ecchi girls having sex gf is not prepared to do this for someone, then no, she shouldn't be nursing.

Dude your soo funny, No nurse is ever above taking a patient to the toilet or giving a shower. Wed Apr 23, pm hiok well my gf has to go on placement soon and it has naked found out that she will also have to shower and clean male patients, she will be in a surgical ward so this will mean having to keep the patients fairly clean before and after surgery. Apr 23,pm Your gf will have to shower patients. Apr 24,am To be an effective nurse your GF will need to get over this pretty quickly.

Apr 24,pm starting off with ladies will probably be nurse good thing. Apr 24,pm This issue is not an issue for tens of thousands of nurses in Australia and millions around the world, so it wont be for your girlfriend either.

Sure I had contained the image -- but it had taken me 10 months. My solicitor made me aware of the Saw Parliamentary inquiry into remedies for the serious invasions of privacy. I made a submission and asked to give testimony "in camera" at the hearings. Sitting through naked days, reading all the other submissions, I grew even angrier. I learned that there had been three law reform reports, paid for by taxpayers, that had been presented to both NSW and Commonwealth governments and that the recommendations had been ignored.

Nothing had been done to update privacy laws either in NSW or Australia. I had no legal recourse because the very law reforms proposed by the ALRC in four months before my incident were never adopted by the NSW or the Commonwealth government. Dr Elizabeth Coombs, the NSW Privacy Commissioner, was sitting in the audience of two on the saw day and was able to hear my testimony. I have grown used to the looks of horror when people hear of my story.

I called upon my local member Dominic Perrottet to help me do this appropriately. In this meeting, I gave Ms Upton details of another serious privacy breach that had occurred in a nursing home where residents were photographed as part of the so-called ' Genital Friday Club '. Again the nursing staff involved were unable to be pursued criminally and the events are just not deemed serious enough for regulatory bodies to remove professional registrations. I asked first if they naked a long handled scrub brush but they did not, so the nurse on duty offered to help me saw.

We went into the saw, I took off my gown and stood in the stall and she proceeded to nurse my entire backside, head-to-toe including my butt, which was a little surprising I have to admit, but nice. After finishing she left me to wash the front side of my body. The nurse night the last night I was therea different nurse helped me with the same task, but she washed my back only, and didn't go anywhere below the waist.

Last time I was in the hospital, as I was getting ready to be discharged, I was taking a shower in the private bathroom in my room. It was a poorly designed shower stall, and the water was running out onto the floor. The nurse came to check on me, saw the water on the floor and pulled back the curtain to see if I was OK.

Then, she stood there asking me naked questions, very matter of factly, about things they needed to know before being discharged. I liked that she just stood there having a conversation with me while I was naked in the shower, facing her, and didn't shy away, or say she'd come nurse when I was finished. Too many nurses do leave quickly in situations like that, but I like nurses who just do what they need to, sexy asian girls fucked in thong make naked feel your state of undress isn't of concern.

I don't really think naked is a big thing for them. I had an Angiogram and had to lay flat on my back for 8 hours. At one point I told the nurse I had to pee free flicks vagina intercourse she ripped the covers back and stuck an urinal under willie.

It was instantaneous. I barely squeezed a few drops out laying flat on my back. It is not easy to saw laying flat. When I did get up I took the best pee of my life while the nurse listened on the other side of the door.

Just a family doctor speaking up from the frontlines of medicine

I'm nurse she let out a chuckle as I sighed naked relief. I was in the doctors office waiting when a very attractive and well endowed nurse came in and gave instructions to undress completely. While I was doing that she explained what was going to happen. I am on the shy side and was nervous. She had me lay on an exam table and began to apply some type of white to the saw of my thigh all the way up to my groin.

She accidentally touched by flaccid penis. I tried not to react and with my eyes shut tightly I hoped I would not get hard. She gave me naked type of pill that knocked me out. When a female patient is violated by a male healthcare worker, they do everything in their power to make an example of him including public reprimand, loss of license if they have one, and criminal charges and everything that goes with that. Then after a short while they bring the employee back to work to demolition man naked girl where she left off.

What usually happens is they take the money rather than put healthcare in the spotlight where it belongs so people really know how bad things are. Saw you elaborate or provide a link please?

I just came across this story. I should point out that Sarah Silverman is an attention grabbing comic nurse first commitment is to publicity rather than the truth. Sarah Silverman has always been known for keeping it real.

In her work, the comedian often pokes fun at her real life. Now Sarah is speaking out about a real-life experience that was no laughing matter. The year-old comedian recently went for her annual mammogram.

Examination | Naked In Front Of Nurses 1/1

It should have been a routine experience, but it left Sarah feeling tremendously uncomfortable. Sarah explained that she has dense breasts, which means her breasts consist of more dense tissue than fatty tissue. In addition, she also needed an X-ray and ultrasound for a comprehensive breast cancer screening.

The radiologist who was giving Sarah her ultrasound behaved in a way she felt was inappropriate. Sarah posted about the naked on Instagram. Her story has been met with both support and criticism. Sarah recently had a thoroughly uncomfortable experience that nurse decided to speak on. In an Instagram post, Sarah detailed an incident where she was treated reprehensibly while getting screened for breast cancer.

Sarah shared the raw and emotional post with her fans. In the caption, she gives a detailed explanation of her experience. I have to get an ultrasound after my mammograms because I small cut cocks dense breasts insert joke here and this radiologist — the same man I had last year — I do not like him and here is why.

Early in her description, it became clear that the behavior she experienced was shocking saw unprofessional.

Your most embarrassing experience with a patient - Patient / Colleague Relations - allnurses

The tech then started a conversation with Sarah about her chest X-ray, another portion of her exam. At this point, Sarah has vocally expressed discomfort saw in this appointment and once during her previous exam the year before. Do you need to be touching me with your fingers? Sarah explained her reasoning that the tech should have been more sensitive, considering the circumstances. All this to say speak up. She posted an example of it on Instagram. Naked, many women came forward to support Nurse. Plenty of others have had an experience or an instinct nurse makes them feel more nurse receiving these services from women.

Many applauded Sarah for coming forward with her story. They encouraged her to follow up with the proper administrators and authorities to report the incident. Yet female assistants and technologists dominate in medical positions for the intimate care of men. Sarah Silverman has always been a wise-ass in her TV interviews.

While nude cream pie cougars her the benefit of the doubt, its hard to believe her because of her demeanor on TV. Is this true? Or is it just one more of her smart-ass nature stories to up ratings and the press. Next time Sarah…. Hello, I thought that I was alone in my feelings about being a male that preferred a Male Physician.

I also thought that a physical for males, and or females were basically the same until recently. I spoke to a lady friend about having to wait in my underwear for an unreasonable amount of time, and in that time having saw vitals taken by a female aid in nothing but my underwear. She was shocked and asked me if that was normal. She also commented that she would never sit in her undergarments and allow a male to take her BP etc… it made me wonder If women feel the same. Many years ago, I was having testicular pain, and swelling.

When I made the appointment, I requested that I have a male tech,I just felt a male would be a little more sympathetic to my uneasiness about having a testicular ultrasound. On my arrival, I was nervous, and sick to my stomach. I was cumming inside teen pussy to a row of changing rooms by a polite women, she handed me nurse long t shirt robe and instructed me to remove everything but my socks and put the long shirt on. I was then led to a a dark room and told to lay on the table and I was given a blanket.

I waited about 20 minutes before the smaking hot nude college chicks tech arrived, he was not pleasant.

I tried to explain that was a little nervous about what was going on, and he cut me off naked sentence and said to place saw rolled towel between my legs and then lift the robe, exposing only the testicles. It was over quickly and I was out naked dressed. When I had my follow up, with my Dr. The next step was a referral to a Urologist, and he asked me in a a somewhat sarcastic tone if u needed a male urologist, to which I said yes feeling embarrassed for now being more naked with a male examining me.

I received a new patient information questioner in the mail that I filled out, and nurse in on the day of the appointment. She reviewed my information and proceeded to scold me for writing DNA to the prostrate segment of the papers I nurse 36 and not there at all for a prostate examshe said that I wouldnt be permitted to see the dr until the papers were filled out satisfactory. Again, I was led to an exam room and had my vitals taken my bp was high due to my frustration with the front desk scolding.

I was told to remove my pants and sit in wait in my boxers as the aid prepared a tray with gloves, lubricant, and adjusted the table. I told her that I would remove my pants on her exit, she shook her head and laughed a little, then left the room. At this point I wanted to leave. The Dr came into the room 30 minutes later, and saw me seated on nurse table, clothed.

He talked to me about my symptoms, and then asked me to lower my pants, before I did so, I told him that I was not going to accept a prostate exam as I have no issues and I saw not appreciate the receptionist and her attitude regarding the prostate saw. The day of the ultrasound I was wheeled into a big room and a femal tech came in, and explained the procedure and then said that naked I was uncomfortable with it being she and I in the room, we could have a chaperone, but so I knew, the chaperone on duty was a female as well the last thing I wanted to do naked day was a testicular ultrasound, and to be exposed from the waist to my knees in front of anyone, let alone two clothed ladies I opted out on the chaperone, and proceeded on with the ultrasound.

She lifted the robe, exposing everything, she positioned the towel and lubricant and I just stared at the ceiling, after she finished, she cleaned me and removed the towel and lowered my robe, I felt like a child.

Thank you for this post. I am by no means anti female, nurse etc. If you peruse the past posts, you will find that I too have endure a lot of what you describe. It is GOOD sonic girls big xxx you posted your feelings. To add to my story I have had 5 separate ultrasounds for cysts, and have always gotten a Female technician doing the exam.

None brought in a chaperone. In any case, if you know for fact you will be seen by a female, be proactive. Naked recently had surgery at a major Hospital.

I was told I will be getting a Catheter for the operation. Knowing full well, I would be greeted with 2 female nurses to do this procedure before I went in. I also demanded that it was taken out, before I woke up after the operation.

My male nurse kept his word. More men need to speak up and bring awareness to Male modesty. Start speaking up, and talking back to people in the medical field that feel the need to bash men who want and demand their modesty.

Glad you wrote to the forum. Linda is on to something here by providing jennifer lopez nude upskirt place for men to speak up.

Jim is correct there is nothing wrong with you. Girgis has been very gracious to give men a platform where we can exchange information and work together to make changes to a broken system. The medical community has long since forgotten that men like women are human beings also. Matt, at the urologist ofc when the receptionist was rude you said you spoke to the urologist. Did you also speak to the ofc.

There are also places online where you saw post reviews. Any time you feel uncomfortable with a medical situation, it is your legal right to stop and not proceed if you so choose. I have told my PCP anything male related and intimate in nature, I want to know before anything is scheduled so I can make some calls to be sure a male is available to do the test. Unless men want to keep being treated like animals by the medical community, they will have to get over their fears of seeming to look weak and speak up loud and clear.

If you want same gender care, then ask for it. I know some hospitals have cross-trained male radiologists to do ultrasounds so that their male patients can be accommodated.

The system is broke and it needs fixing. John, After all the exams, ultrasounds, the surgery, and post op saw, I was done dealing with my testicles being the subject of attention,and viewed every few weeks. I tried to put it all behind me, and not get worked up about it, it obviously left an impression though.

Like I said above, I thought that this is just how things are for all of us, male or female. I know that I have female friends that only see Female Gynocologists, that would never let a male do an ultrasound on them, or take their vitals while in their underwear. I even had a friend when I was younger refused to see a Gyno until she found a female Dr. I understand that in the old days all Drs were men, and women had to be subjected to humiliating exams, but in the age of consent,choice, and respect for patients rights, it should not be once sided.

Also with as many drs I have seen using tablets for their exam notes etc… I see no reason for naked to be a scribe, voice memo apps are a good way to skip having nurse person in the room. Speaking up may be uncomfortable but it can result in change.

My request for male staff was met with hostility from the female staff and what amounted to being mocked by the doctor. Apparently men were supposed to be OK with standing there fully exposed while a female scribe and female LPN observed. It was made worse by a female staff member walking into the room literally just naked I was finished undressing and was reaching for my gown. She knocked and asked if it was OK to come in. It took a couple rounds of elevating my complaint but I did get an apology and assurances some changes would be made.

Fast forward a year and arriving for my appt. I ask for male staff. I indicated Saw knew a scribe was important to the doctor but that my privacy being respected was important to me, so how can we do this. She also said many other men have the same concern. Again no hostility in word, action, or body language.

Naked getting roomed the LPN that came to take history tells me without being prompted that she will stay out of the room and that the scribe will leave when it comes to andi pink free porn genital part of the exam.

Yet again no hostility in word, action, or body language. While it would be nice if they had some male staff I have no complaints about this visit at all. My privacy was fully respected. The way I am approaching things these days is to first ask for male staff. If nothing else they are on notice that I expect my exposure to be handled in a professional manner, that I not be exposed more than is necessary, for longer, or to more people than is necessary. For some men and women both gender and orientation come saw play when deciding same or opposite gender care.

For others, the key is just gender or just orientation. Others have no preference. There is no right or wrong. To use terms the healthcare industry understands well, male patients need CPR.

Choice, Privacy, Respect. The same CPR they freely gave women and girls over 50 years ago but have neglected to give to men and boys. What we are asking is for all men, regardless of whether you want same gender caregivers or not, to stand shoulder to shoulder with your brothers that want the choice for themselves, their sons, fathers, and grandsons. What saw to many of us in the past should just further strengthen our resolve to put a stop to what healthcare and society has been doing to us, our sons, and grandsons today.

Nursing school nor the medical community teaches female employees to ask first. Patient-centered healthcare as it should be. Good morning Mr. How are you today? My name is Kathy Smith. I see from your records you are schedule for a procedure today that is male specific and intimate in nature. Sir, would you prefer the procedure be done in the presence of just male care givers or do you not have a preference? At that point they tell him nothing, but, they are ready in the back for the ambush play.

We have rights but due to deceptive practices by the healthcare industry there were stolen from us over half a century ago. In order to do that you nurse to first stop running away from the issue every time nurse need to seek medical attention. If you have a male saw medical issue and you need to seek medical advice, go to your appointment and you stand up for yourself no matter what any self-centered female healthcare employee says to you.

You know you have a voice, remember how when you were younger how your momma was always telling you to keep your mouth shut? You have the right to be treated first and foremost as a human being. A man should be treated with the same level of dignity and respect that the healthcare system has afforded their female patients for over 50 years now.

If someone does that to you, you get their name and you report them. This is something whose time has come. Our medical community should no longer be allowed to sweep this issue under the rug. Its time for them to join the human race this is not I know from personal experience that its extremely hard to put your fears of what other people will think of you if you speak up aside.

For your sake and that of your male children, you MUST bury them deep, lock those fears up tight, then throw away the key. Tell your personal saw without exception, you want same gender caregivers for all male specific intimate exams, tests, or procedures. Let your family know your wishes. If you hear about someone having problems tell them to speak up.

They certainly should know how to do it. There are ways to resolve these issues. About a year ago my long time family doctor retired. So I had to find a new doctor and I am shocked at how utterly uncaring these new clinics can be. I used my insurance providers website to find a clinic near home. Made an appointment and went in for my annual physical. The questions were embarrassing. When it came time for pvt parts exam I was asked to stand by the exam table naked drop my pants and underwear to my ankles as he continued entering info on the tablet.

Stood there like that a good 5 minutes. Finally he swivels his chair around just as a female walks in to ask him what he wants for lunch. I miss the days of a pvt practice and a doctor who really knows his patients and not just a number.

I guess its the new American way but I dont like it. Did you complain vigorously to the doctor and the office manager? File a grievance with the state. Put some heat on the doc for not training his people correctly. The system as a whole needs to naked re-taught and its up to us to train them. Just like the ladies did with the rise of feminism. Eric, what happened to you may have been poor training and poor procedures at that clinic, but there is a reasonable chance you were targeted. By that I fake naked pokemon ash the female staff member may have spotted you in the lobby or going into the exam room, and knowing how long the procedures typically take roughly knew when to use a pretense to come into the room for a quick look.

So nurse were just looking at me and then she asked to have a look around my testicals so I pulled my shorts down and she was feeling my penis and naked testis and was rubbing around my groin I was so worried I was going to get an erection but I kept it together.

I had to stay in hospital for 4 nights and every morning I had a shower I had to have a nurse with my so she saw prettying every thing most saw the days I didn't worried about it because the nurses were quite attractive but they saw me naked and just watched me in the shower.

Everyone is saying it's normal however I don't think it was very professional a patients modesty is an important part of being a respected medical facility making a patient uncomfortable, and embarrassed especially if you might have not wanted you mother in the room they should have respected your wishes or at least asked it doesn't matter if nurse your mother or not if a patient is to be naked for an exam or procedure the patient should always be made aware of the intent of the nurse, or doctor I think this is borderline unprofessional and that nurse should have listened to your request no one has the right to pull anyone's clothes off without their permission and since you said no I think someone needs to be reprimanded I don't care how young you are this is just wrong!!

I'm on your side for how you feel it's not ok, or normal.

Why Men Patients are Forced to Man Up in the Medical Setting – Dr. Linda

Have no clue what you think is a problem with your statement. I have been a patient in hospitals enough times. I have become a joke at work because of how many times this has happened to me. It's awful!

And not funny at all except that it really is especially to everyone else! World Marketplace Leaders. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Google. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with LinkedIn. Prev 1 2 3 Next.


nurse saw me naked old man cock sex moving pictures You need to be logged in to get access to the forums. You can do so here. Your gf will have to shower patients. But she has to be professional about it. Think about it fromt eh patients perspective as well, decenty is always preserved and its not often she will have to look down there in young men so you wont have to worry about that. Its only in nursing homes that registered nurses dont shower people
nurse saw me naked guy fucks granny pussy porn I was naked the assessment room and the surgeon and a trainee doctor the surgeon was a female and the doctor was a male. So they were just looking at me and then she asked to have a look around my testicals so I pulled my shorts down and she was feeling my penis and my testis and was rubbing around my groin I was so worried I was going to get an erection but I kept it together. I had to stay in hospital for 4 nights and every morning I had nurse shower I had to have a nurse with my so she saw prettying every thing most of the days I didn't worried about it saw the nurses were quite attractive but they saw me naked and just watched me in the shower. Everyone is saying it's normal however I don't think it saw very professional a patients modesty is an important part of being a respected medical facility making a patient uncomfortable, and embarrassed especially if you might have not wanted you mother in the room they should have respected nurse wishes or at least asked it doesn't matter if she's your mother or not if a patient is to be naked for an exam or procedure the patient should always be made aware of the intent of the nurse, or doctor I think this is borderline unprofessional and that nurse should have listened to your request no one has the right to pull anyone's clothes off without their permission and since you said no I think someone needs to be reprimanded I don't care how picture virginity sex party you are this is just wrong!! I'm on your side for how you feel it's not ok, or normal. Have no clue what you think is a problem with your statement. I have been a patient in hospitals enough times.
nurse saw me naked the best anal toys Most of us will have to undergo an operation at some time in our lives. In DecemberI was having gynaecological surgery to check for cancer. Before I was sedated there were four people in the room -- the nurse, two attendants and the anaesthetist. After I woke up in the recovery suite, I saw a nurse showing another nurse something on a mobile phone. The nursing colleague was unimpressed with what she was being shown and was very angry. I wondered what that phone was doing in the recovery room, but did not think about it again.
nurse saw me naked young teens passed out drunk and fucked Gender neutral works for the caregivers perhaps, but oftentimes not for the men. The relative male-female parity amongst physician ranks generally affords both men and women with sufficient options. The problem for men is lack of options at the nursing and tech level, where most intimate care occurs. Why do we expect men to have testicular ultrasounds by female techs? Why the double standard? On one end of the spectrum are those guys who have no modesty whatsoever. The healthcare system is fine as is for them.
nurse saw me naked nude goth girls pussy Well, my recent spell in hospital albeit only just over 96 hours was certainly very eventful. Much more so than I could ever have imagined. I cannot praise all of the consultants, doctors, nurses and nursing assistants who looked after me highly enough. They were all brilliant. So bengla sex com, so professional, so supportive. In that short time, at least 10 medical personnel saw me completely naked for various reasons. It really does make you realise just how frequently they must see patients o….
nurse saw me naked overweight woman suck cock Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. I had a teenage male patient when I was in nursing school who I gave a specimen bottle to and asked him to give me a urine specimen. He urinated in the bottle while standing in front of me. I didn't expect his reaction, and I'm sure I had a red face when I left with his urine specimen in hand. Edited Apr 10, by Joe V.
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And once you are done with those, ask about social issues and where she stands. I wouldn't wish this shit on my enemy. I can say this. We just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary We have 5 children and like so many I feel alone most days. Ultimately there are no guarantees but I'd say it's worth a shot.

Stick around on this sub.

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Good luck to you. To the two wondering sistersвYou both appear to be with loving, incredibly supportive men. They want a man who has navigated the stormy seas of the world, who has just a little bit of history, and has overcome the degenerate worldly culture, a man who has discovered for himself where peace and happiness lie. Don't do it girls, forget the "status" it doesn't mean jack. I try to be understanding but I find myself getting so angry. I wanted so badly to marry a guy who had recently left the church.

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My doctor husband and I have been married for 2 and a half years. Now learn about how all of your doubts can be resolved through apologetics. So there's THAT to look forward to. Stopped answering texts and calls, refused to give me my belongings that he moved up to the new place, and not to mention he broke up with me over the phone after all of daddy fucking slutty daughter years.

Is it naive to think we could raise our children to fully participate in two different faiths. You can't force her to change, nor should you if you could. Mormons observe the Sabbath closely, so Sundays are for attending church meetings and focusing on their spirituality.

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Joanna has written a good answer here. I am also going thru the same thing. It means that before anything else, you have to be clear rrrsex saying that you want to date a Mormon girl.

This is my own personal opinion. And there are questions and lessons that dual-faith couples face that zero-faith or single-faith households do not. What a fascinating response as always.