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As Kunis describes. It turns out, Kunis was topless at the time. This happened right after she gave birth to her second child.

And as new mothers know, sometimes you just need to shed layers. Kunis describes what lead to her being in this position:.

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I was just with my baby, and I was three days postpartum, so it still was like I was pregnant. And he just puts the package down and looks up. It's nice to hear the interaction didn't faze her. But how did the UPS guy react?

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Turns out, he was more embarrassed than she was. According to Kunis, "He felt so guilty about it and so bad. There's nothing to be embarrassed about when someone catches you breastfeeding your child. So, to recap: Mila Kunis is down to Earth, hilarious, beautiful and she's an inspiration to moms everywhere.

There's no need to feel weird about anyone seeing you in the midst of a natural act.

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And if anyone tries to shame you for it, make them regret it. The UPS guy was just going about his daily business, and just happened to have a famous person on his route. I don't know if you have a vision board. If not, I strongly suggest you make one and add this story to it. They don't come any cooler than Mila, and her kids are lucky to have such a Bad ass Mom. We all wonder, what did Ashton think about the incident?

Maybe she didn't let him know.

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But we can all sort of bet that the two laughed about it with their perfect laughs and faces, and then went back to having a perfect family. You keep doing you, guys. Latest Fails Funny News Awesome. Pop Culture. Life Hacks. Exhibit number 4, why Mila Kunis is the coolest celebrity around.

Published November 29, Read This Next. You May Also Like. Mila Kunis. Raising The Kids Right. So, we did all of that work you, fools! Skip to content November 26, Yummy little mama!

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mila kunis outside nude four cocks one girl pics Mila Kunis is everyone's celebrity crush. Hey, we could all do a lot worse. Besides being beautiful, she's also hilarious. And as you'll soon see, she's insanely down to Earth and knows the best way to look at a potentially embarrassing situation. It's hard to believe she wound up with her That '70s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher years later. It's even harder to believe that the two of them are now parents. They have two adorable young children.
mila kunis outside nude pussy stretching gif porn And now, she is gracing our eyes with some raunchy photos! Who wouldn't want to see this hot brunette bare some skin for the cameras?! She's one tight piece of ass! Unfortunately, we haven't seen much of this dime piece lately. She has been busy raising a family with her former co-star and present hubby, Ashton Kutcher. The couple got married a year or so ago, and now they have a child together. News giselle camgirl came out that she is pregnant with hijo numero dos!
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