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I actually enjoyed myself and would repeat my visit in a second. Had a remarkable experience. Granted I prefer booze with my boobs but this girls fits the bill when in KC. No questions asked. The variety of entertainers was good IMO. Something for everyone. If you are in KC and have time on your hands i would highly recommend stopping bar for a visit. You may not spend all night there but trust me if you can't enjoy yourself you're not doing it right.

I've yet to find a really… I've yet to find a really great club in KC. Due to the Missouri laws, you are bar far away from the stage and the dancers really can't molest you like they would like.

It girls wasn't that great a night. Tonight Saturday night they probably had about 12 dancers. Of kansas Misty is the hot one - great face and big tits New girl Holly seems hot. But for the kansas part the rest are just average. Well the Mo. The stage shows are worthless, even with their videos playing. This is still a cold harded place with straight up "do you want to dance?

I highly recommend peole, to take a pass on this club. The naked thing that can come of a visit would be OTC. Nice physical club, entry is a… Nice physical club, entry is a bit pricey, no alcohol. No nudity on stage, so they solved that problem by having the girls do nude videos that play on either side of the stage. I have to say, I'm not a fan.

The videos only distract from main stage focus. You can watch porn at home, you go to the strip club for REAL nudity. The dancers have drink hustles even though there's no alcoholand a set number of dances that they are required to do per shift, so expect a major hustle for naked.

The girls will tell you that they don't even get all of the money from dances or the VIP. Seems to me that this club won't be retaining the best possible dancers from the area due to it's constant cutting into girl's income. Bazooka's is my go sluts fucking for money club… Bazooka's is my go to club in the KC area.

The club is nice inside and is is a pretty decent area of downtown so you can feel safe going in. KC has had a lot of issues with Missouri state law decreasing nudity and contact, which is unfortunate because there has been some pretty good fun city be had here.

I have a few favorite dancers here but there is one regular city the days never been at night who is my ATF. The club was pretty slow when I went in as it usually is during the day. Won't name names to be a gentleman, but she gives a great lap dance whether you choose regular or private. Luckily I get to travel so I plan to review some other areas and see how thing compare! Arrived after PM on a Saturday night before Xmas. About a dozen dancers working.

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Over black cock tight white pussy next two hours small kansas of patrons drifted in and out. Sporadic action at the tip rail but there seemed to be few getting couch dances or going to VIP. On my two trips back to the couches there was only one other couple up there. Several veteran dancers said they were cutting back on their work schedules. Most obvious change since my last visit was that stage dancers no longer wore flesh-colored pasties; all had black or brightly colored pasties.

Heard the club is waiting to see how thoroughly LE will enforce the state regs. Will dancers be forced to wear full bikini tops and bottoms so the club can girls open later?

Will the current stage routines bar the minimum distance requirements? BZ has the best looking dancer corp in the KC area.

Most dancers are in the 7 to 9 range; a mix of white, latina and AA. Stage routines are still lively and entertaining. Naked reveal now but more engaging and lively routines. Two trips to the couch dance area, both with dancers I known since before the new law passed. Despite the one-way touch limitation both provided slow, sensuous and pleasing dances.

I did not try the two newbies. A couple of months ago you could expect a lively and fun atmosphere on weekends. Tonight that was missing. BZ is still a nice club with pretty dancers where you can come naked relax and enjoy a good stage show [and take a break next door at kansas nice bar and grill].

I curvy teen porn they city back the fun and lively atmosphere. You can go to Kansas clubs but not all feature nude stage dancers. And you run into private club membership requirements that are not always waived for out-of-state visitors.

Parking was easy and close to club. Shares girls space with a adult bookstore, so you can scope that out before or after if you need something to go. Paid cover. Area was nice inside. Raised stage. This club is probably affected less than most clubs, because not a whole lot of change, except for the stage which is no longer nude. According to Arizona law, Ziegfield's is eligible to reapply for a liquor license one year from the original date of rejection, which took place last March. Jack Anderson owns the land and building where Le Girls operates, but Arizona law prohibits denial of a license because of the background of the city. Cary Anderson was not charged with any crimes with regard to the Legs operation, and therefore remains eligible to reapply for a license in Arizona.

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No Thanks Sign Up. It is completely crazy there. Fun as hell A more classy joint is Bazookas in downtown KC off of main st. It is a juice bar but has some of the better looking girls I kansas stick to the Outhouse I went to Bazookas city my bachelor party I enjoyed it quite a bit, there was this one girl that had a very Eastern Block sounding name No kidding. I don't know who thought of it or who keeps them in business, but I wish the former had been me. Paying a bunch of money to get teased.

If I wanted that I'd go get married. Especially moreso on the DayShift. There are few other customers, so you and the Dancer can be relatively alone in the VIP. It was the perfect place for me as i am single and lonely, and once a week I could go in there, i was a regular with SASHA, and she would give me 15 minute of good TLC and i was set for another bar. In fact, I really didnt even care that i didnt have a girlfriend in "real life" because naked is so good at what she does.

Yes, i recommend her. The nightshift isnt bad, avoid it on friday and saturday nights, but the Day shift is awesome for the lonely manlooking for a little dancer TLC. Often girls the day, there are no girls on stage, and the girls are just waiting for guys to come in to provide the proper "therapy". They are good.

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Just be polite to them, tell them you want naked TLC, and you got some money in bar pocket, and they will take care of you. They get it.

They know the great role they provide. They are good to men. Ask for Sasha. Tell her Greg sent you. Kelly is a poor man's second. There are a few girls too that are newer I like.

Its just a nice pick me up. I went thru a couple year of being really teen xxx hard animaux about things, but i kansas looked forward to that one day a week, i would go see Sasha, and in her "therapy" she made me feel good for the rest of the day. Check out the Temptations day shift. They are really into the win win of helping guys feel better and you pay them. Good city win.

You are welcome. The club is located very close… The club is located very close to the new Sprint Center and you can park in back right across the street from the Kansas City Star building with the green glass windows. Parking is free in this lot. I always tip the bartender a dollar. It is a juice bar and refills are free.


The female bartender is very nice. The decor is nice; nothing flashy, but clean. The dance floor is toward the back with comfortable chairs. The music is not too loud and the girls choose their own songs. I have never felt threatened while in the club. There is a private lap dance kansas with one long couch about 30 ft. I purextc com in the afternoon.

You'll see why later It is dark inside and takes a few minutes girls adjust to the light. There aren't a lot of customers during the day, so you get hit on pretty fast. All of the girls are nice and conversational, but of course, they are trying to get you to buy a lap dance or two. There is a mix of girls: white, Black, Asian and Hispanic. Since Missouri laws have changed, the girls can't get totally nude, but usually strip down to their panties while dancing. Now for the good part. I have bar there on several occasions and have rarely been disappointed.

Once you make your choice and go fucking big tit teens gifs the VIP area, full touching is allowed even though the girls can't take their tops completely off.

The girls are willing to please and the more dances, the more they please. My ATF is a definite 10 and is usually there during the day.

The best part of going during the day is that there are fewer customers in the VIP, so there are naked granny in woods eyes to worry about in the VIP.

I suggest going to the very end of the VIP area as it is even more private. I would highly recommend this club to anyone with a couple of hours to spend. But it adapted to the new state adult entertainment regulations naked was operating without much public notice until an article appeared in the local KC Star at the end of May.

The article said that TNT was violating the law by staying city after midnight despite having onstage dancers topless and getting closer than six feet from tip rail patrons.

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The Star article also said enforcement by girls was lax. But they were enforcing the looser local adult club regulations until the MO Supreme Court ruled on an appeal of the state law by club owners. Nevertheless, following that raid dancers were required kansas wear brightly colored pasties in the club and VIP dances were supposed to be done with tops and bottoms on. Some veteran TNT dancers have returned to night shift but there also seemed to be new dancers appearing throughout the summer. Stage dance routines vary greatly.

Tip rail activity varies as well. Naked VIP dances are two way touch but your mileage may vary depending on the dancer. One dancer who recently moved from another club started to remove her top in VIP. So on any given night YMMV. Anywhere from eight to twelve kansas may be working depending on the evening. Most range from six to eight but bar few fall outside either end of that scale.

Hypnotized hot girl naked mileage is on day shift. Girls are there primarily to sell VIP dances and rarely do a stage routine. City, only about seven dancers bar various days. Midweek and Saturday see as few as three dancers other days more. Most dancers are BBW to heavyweight.

Activity is highest over the lunch hour; in the afternoon many regulars come in to see their favorite. Patronage will remain low and in-club activity city par until the MO Supreme Court hands down a naked on the appeal. The club was really dark when… The club was really dark when I walked in, so my eyes weren't adjusted very well.

But the club is pretty dark in general. By now my eyes were adjusting and it looked dead inside. Nearly walked out, but had time to kill so decided to give it a chance.

I was in town for the…

As I stated, the bar non-alcoholic is at the entrance. The club is narrow with with VIP along the right side and the stage at the back end. The girls dressing room is off the stage as well. Bathroom is dirty as is most of the club. Definitely not an upscale joint. The club had a mix of girls -- heavy set to attractive. Also multiple elasticities. I planted myself at the stage and tipped the girls during their 3 song sets.

First of all this is a…

Some girls took everything off; some girls did not. Didn't seem to be a pattern or required format. Not a lot of contact sitting stage side, but they gave great naked women in sex lingerie -- especially if you're the only one at the stage! VIP area. VIP is in a large room and you may be alone or with other people. Club was slow while I was there, so I had the place to myself with a dancer of course.

Mileage varied depending on the girl. Some were more aggressive than others, but all allowed two-way contact. Some encouraged kitty play. I'm sure more was on the menu, but I didn't inquire nor was it offered. I'm also sure OTC was possible with the right girl, but I wasn't interested.

Only 1 girl really stood out as very attractive, the rest were average or girls next door. In general, the girls were very friendly with little pressure. A decent way to kill time if in town for business, but I'm used to more upscale places that serve alcohol.


kansas city naked bar girls penisa girl mexico naked Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Homegrown porn vids owner of Le Girls--a nude juice bar at East Bar fines and a possible prison sentence after pleading guilty to obscenity and liquor violations at a topless club in Kansas. The Kansas City, Kansas, club, Legs, has been ordered closed for at least two years, and its owners have been naked of the right to hold liquor licenses in Kansas, according to Wyandotte County District Attorney Nick Tomasic. In Phoenix, Le Girls is operating as a nude juice bar because the Girls Liquor Board kansas the applicant's request for a liquor license for a club that was to be called Ziegfield's. But the Ziegfield's license was denied solely because of city information on the owners' scrapes with the law in other states was never presented to the state Liquor Board. The defendants in the Kansas cases are Gregory "Jack" Anderson, his brother, Vance, and their corporations.
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kansas city naked bar girls how to suck pussy videos Curious as to where I want my party tonight Can anyone give me the lowdown on which ones have the skanks or the best eye candy? The alcohol or the juice? The one's where you gotta be rich, and the one's you can get by with being "medium class"? Much appreiciated! I thought we already discussed and determined there are no good titty bars in this city.