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And you must be honest in your conversation with God about it.

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And I learned how freeing that is. When those are not around or when the circumstances or the spirit indicate otherwise then prayer is more than enough.

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I wanted so badly to marry a guy who had recently left the church.


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I hope that makes sense. At 30, you just give up. You will always be second place. If you want him - he is part of a medical school package right now, and likely will be for some time to come. What she taught is different from what the essays admit happened. The woman I have feelings for is conflicted on her religion in regards to me. The sons inevitably went inactive later in life.

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He is in a way to become a Ex mormon. You need to disabuse them of this notion. If you can't do that, realizing that your partner may never come around to your side of things, you are not ready to marry this person. The hardest thing is the feeling of being completely shut out. I never really thought about the sacrifices the wife of a doctor must make. I mostly attribute this to lack of sleep, but I also think he is treated better as a fellow -- by everyone.

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That contributes to status in her culture. We have a happy marriage. This is tough enough when the kids are babies, but when they're older - teenagers - you'll get to tackle all of the hormone-fueled angst, drama, school difficulties, homework, school activities, and be the scapegoat when the kids get mad at you. My husband, regardless of religious affiliation, is a beloved son of our Heavenly Father who is very much worthy of my love, affection and dedication.

A few years, maybe. I'm glad he's upfront about the difficulty in dating for him. Hopefully this helped a little bit.