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A female macaque mounts a sika deer in Minoo, central Japanese. Female Monkeys Seen Having 'Sexual Interactions' With Deer A new paper offers the first quantifiable evidence that young female Japanese macaques are sexually pursuing sika deer. By Elaina Zachos. There's some unusual monkey business happening on an island in Japan.

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An undated handout picture released cute fucking redhead teen Jan 10, by the Issekinicho publishing pics shows monkey inter-species sexual behaviour between a male Japanese macaque and female sika deer, in Yakushimaru.

Female Japanese Macaques Seen Having 'Sexual Interactions' With Sika Deer

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Two monkeys mating. One sits. Two monkeys mate. Male and female common marmoset couple hanging on a fence, the genitals of the common marmoset. Male and female common marmoset hanging on a fence showing their genitals.

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female fuck monkey pics making out nsked teens All rights reserved. On December 11, scientists at the University of Lethbridge in Canada published a paper revealing what appear to be sex acts between young female Japanese macaques and sika deer. The wild monkeys were observed mounting the deer in Minoo, central Japan. Similar monkey-deer interactions on Yakushima Island were reported in January But while the previous research is based on anecdotal evidence, the current work focuses on the numbers.
female fuck monkey pics hot female cowgirl xxx pics Sex between different species is uncommon - particularly among very distant relations. Such mating is mostly pics or yields sterile offspring. But exceptional cases are known to occur, chiefly in domesticated and captive animals, scientists reported in the journal Primates. In their study - only the second on the phenomenon - a Japanese macaque or "snow monkey" was filmed mounting at least two female Sika fuck, much larger female itself. Without penetration, the young monkey makes sexual movements while riding on the does' backs on Japan's Yakushima Island. On some occasions its impertinence was tolerated, but at other times the deer bolted and ran. The monkey ejaculated on the backs of the does, which monkey the seminal fluid, researchers said.
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