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My job starts soon and in January I get started on my masters degree at a new school. I believe strongly that I was meant to marry my spouse. The man had essentially been in acadamics his whole life and was emotionally immature.

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You will join the church.


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I'll give him a chance to fix it by talking to him about it, but the more that I think about how he has treated me the more I just feel ready to check out of the whole situation. And I don't have issues with her, hell, haven't even seen her in over 20 years, but the experience with the whole Mormon thing gave me better insight in to many things in life.

Mormons have separate congregations for young single adults, which is very convenient. So basically we were lies to for years. You join the LDS Church. Medscape App Get fast, accurate answers for point-of-care decision making.

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If this is someone you are to marry, then the rest will take care of itself. Congratulations on understanding that and avoiding problems. Many blessings to you.

I think a lot of what you say here really rings true, especially the part about the Date Night. His pager will become your most despised enemy.

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I don't think you necessarily need to cut ties with her. Accept yourself, and feel God accepting you, and everything else will follow.

I really do have strong feelings for him and want to make this work… but I'm beginning to feel like I have no identity of my own anymore and I will forever just be, "the doctor's wife. She cried when you proclaimed your love of goodness because, in part, it was a sign that you weren't broken and desperate for Mormonism. I can say this. I wish I had not ignored the signs whiles we dated but now I am out of energy. And there is NO taking them off to wear a sleeveless shirt, cute sun dress or regular, girl-length shorts in the summer.

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Here are my thoughts as someone who grew up with a non-mormon father and as someone who married a non-mormon girl. I think it might be worth trying. Unfortunately, I can't answer the questions about marrying him etc. But equally, does this mean you will have to sanction what you do, say and watch regarding Mormonism. I hear you, I need my down time to decompress and watch stuff on the Internet, haha.

But if your faith is a key part of your life, this is huge. Hi, I am not a doctor's wife.